Bruce Hall – Vocals
Kragen Lum – Guitar
Vince Levalois – Guitar
Jason Mirza – Bass
Jimmy Schultz – Drums

The Los Angeles Thrash scene was alive and well in the early ’90s thanks to Psychosis. When all others were drifting into that muck that was Grunge, Psychosis was giving L.A. a healthy dose of Thrash Metal. With their 1992 CD “Lifeforce”, Psychosis solidified their presence both locally and internationally, receiving fantastic reviews for the mini album.  Combining influences from the Bay Area Thrash scene with groove and a strong sense of melody, the band gained notoriety through their live shows and by corresponding with fans and the media throughout the world.

In 2006, Psychosis was reborn.  “Lifeforce”-era members Kragen Lum, Vince Levalois and Jason Mirza were joined by drummer Jimmy Schultz and vocalist Bruce Hall, making Psychosis a five-piece band for the first time.  After several successful gigs, the band began writing new material and released the 3 song “Psychosis” EP  in 2010 to rave reviews.  Since its release, music from this EP has been featured in the Tony Hawk’s Shred video game as well as the hit TV shows Community and New Girl, exposing the band to an entirely new and different audience.  Hot on the heels of the “Psychosis” EP, the band continued to blast out the Thrash experience that is Psychosis by playing live in the L.A. area, turning heads at every show.

Now, with the release of the “By Our Hand” EP, Psychosis is set to redefine Thrash. By combining influences old and new with a knack for writing memorable songs, the band continues to unleash their brand of Metal music on an unsuspecting audience.  New tracks such as “The Soon Dead” and “By Our Hand” have quickly become fan favorites in the Psychosis live show and can finally be heard in recorded form on the “By Our Hand” EP.

Trust the voices.  Listen to Psychosis.

Former members:

Mike Johnsen (drums 1988-1993)
John Caldwell (drums 2007-2008)